How to use dexcom g7

How To Use Dexcom G7: A User’s Guide to Glucose Monitoring

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how to use dexcom g7

Setting Up Dexcom G7: Begin by downloading the Dexcom G7 app on your smartphone. Pairing your device with the sensor is straightforward, following the on-screen prompts in the app.

Applying the Sensor: Proper placement of the Dexcom G7 sensor is crucial for accurate readings. Choose a site on your body (usually the back of the arm), clean the area, and use the applicator to attach the sensor it’s just press and click. I use a prepackaged alcohol wipe to quickly clean the area.

When placing the sensor on your arm try to keep it toward your body and not centered on the back of your arm. The last thing you want is for it to come off in the middle of the night with the meter and phone on your nightstand. It’s like an air raid siren at 2 am…

Once the sensor is attached you place an O ring adhesive “Overpatch” around the sensor to help keep it in place.

how to use dexcom g7

Interpreting Glucose Data: The Dexcom G7 app displays real-time glucose levels and trends. Understanding these readings is key to managing your diabetes effectively. After using it for a while you will start to notice what foods are triggering your spikes. This in turn will help you to make the changes you need to your diet just to shut it up. It Works! Side note if you are running the app on your phone while listening on earbuds, or a Bluetooth radio. Keep your sugars low or expect an hour or so of it pausing Spotify or Pandora every time it alerts.

Medicare Coverage for Dexcom G7: As of April 2023, Medicare has expanded its coverage to include more people with diabetes using CGM systems like Dexcom G7. Eligibility includes those using insulin or with a documented history of problematic hypoglycemia. It’s crucial to consult with Medicare or a healthcare provider to understand your coverage. My latest encounter with Medicare was that you had to be taking insulin 3x a day to qualify, but check with them as 2024 is bringing a lot of changes.

Cost Without Insurance: For those without insurance, the Dexcom G7 cost can vary. It’s important to research and compare prices from different distributors or contact Dexcom directly for pricing information.

how to use dexcom g7

You can find it on Amazon just keep in mind without insurance it is steep.

Maintenance and Care: Regular maintenance, such as replacing the sensor as directed, ensures the longevity and accuracy of your Dexcom G7. Mine gives me 10 days followed by a 12-hour grace period to get it changed. It is advised to switch arms each time you change it.

Conclusion: Understanding how to use Dexcom G7, along with being aware of Medicare coverage and costs for those without insurance, is vital for effective diabetes management. Embrace this advanced technology to stay on top of your health.

how to use dexcom g7

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